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SiriusXM’s Everything Is Political: Campaign 2015 with Evan Solomon follows every aspect of Canada’s federal election campaign. The show premieres Thursday, August 6 from 6 pm to 7 pm (EDT) on SiriusXM’s Canada Talks, channel 167
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Dec 10, 2015

On the Show:

Nick Köhler, Mark Holland, Scott Reid, Alexandre Boulerice, Suzanne Legault, David Frum

Freelance journalist Nick Köhler brings news from Day Two of Mike Duffy's testimony in his trial for fraud, breach of trust and bribery.

MPs Mark Holland, Scott Reid and Alexandre Boulerice debate electoral reform and whether Justin Trudeau needs to call a referendum to have legitimacy for his plans to overhaul and ditch the first-past-the-post system.

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault describes her latest scathing report on the status of access to information in Canada and outlines what her office needs from the Trudeau government to restore the system to what she says it ought to be.

David Frum, editor of The Atlantic magazine, calls Donald Trump a 'flim-flam' man for his views on immigration and Muslims, and explains why he thinks Trump will never win the GOP nomination.

Dec 9, 2015

On the Show:

Tonda MacCharles, Dawn Harvard, Chris Simpson, Rabia Khedr, Mohamed El Rashidy

Tonda MacCharles, parliamentary reporter with the Toronto Star, brings the latest from the Mike Duffy trial as Duffy takes the stand.

Dr. Dawn Harvard, president of the Native Women's Association of Canada, on what she expects from an inquiry into murdered and missing indigenous women and girls.

Dr. Chris Simpson, chair of the Wait Time Alliance, explains why the Canadian government needs to act to reduce wait times as meetings are planned to negotiate a new Health Accord.

And with Donald Trump making headlines again for proposing a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., Rabia Khedr of the Federation of Muslim Women and Mohamed El Rashidy, a human rights and civil liberties activist and lawyer, give their reactions.

Dec 8, 2015

On the Show: 

Bill Morneau, Lisa Raitt, Guy Caron, Althia Raj, Tom Parkin, Michele Austin, Susan Smith

With slow growth, the price of oil hitting a 10-year low of $38 a barrel, a commodity price meltdown, a growing trade deficit and bad job numbers, Finance Minister Bill Morneau is having a hard time balancing the spending promises with the new fiscal reality.

Conservative finance critic Lisa Raitt and NDP finance critic Guy Caron debate how to best tax Canadians and manage the economy through the challenging economic times.

Huffington Post Ottawa Bureau Chief Althia Raj says the Liberals have agenda overload and Canadians expect them to get things done fast.

The War Room with national columnist for Sun Media Tom Parkin, Summa Strategies' Michele Austin and Susan Smith of Bluesky Strategy Group debate tax cuts for the middle class, budgetary deficits, the combat mission in Iraq and Syria and the first Question Period on the House.

Dec 5, 2015

On the Show:

Navdeep Bains, John McKay, Matthew Dubé, James Bezan, Perry Bellegarde, Geoff Norquay, Jean Ong, Max Rubin 

Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains discusses his party's plan to invest in growth and how the Liberal legislative agenda will keep up with very ambitious promises.

Liberal MP John McKay, NDP MP Matthew Dubé and Conservative MP James Bezan debate security and defence issues as Germany joins the mission against ISIS and a link is found between ISIS and the San Bernadino, Calif shooting.

Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde says the Liberals shouldn't rush their consultation processes on First Nations issues, but rather listen to families affected. He says Trudeau should begin the formal inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women around April 1. 

The War Room with Geoff Norquay, Jean Ong, Max Rubin debate the Liberal agenda and the Speech from the Throne.

Dec 4, 2015

On the Show:

Bonnie Lysyk, Patrick Brown, Dominic LeBlanc, Heather Scoffield, Adam Radwanski

Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk explains why Ontarians have been paying 80 per cent more, or $37 billion more, for their electricity over the past eight years than they should have been. 

Patrick Brown, the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader, reacts to the explosive Auditor General's report.

Liberal Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc says his party's plan for democratic reform in the Senate was the best option without opening up the Constitution.

Canadian Press Ottawa Bureau Chief Heather Scoffield and Globe and Mail politics reporter Adam Radwanski get into the challenges and expectations facing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the House resumes sitting and he prepares to deliver his first Speech from the Throne.

Dec 3, 2015

On the Show:

Rona Ambrose, Frank Graves, Sally Housser, Jason Lietaer, Bob Richardson

Conservative Interim leader Rona Ambrose says her focus in the new Parliamentary session will be on the economy and jobs.

EKOS Research president Frank Graves says the Liberal election win was surprising and came down to a values debate over the niqab and refugees.

The War Room with Navigator's Sally Housser, Ensight's Jason Lietaer and Edelman Canada's Bob Richardson debate Trudeau's nannies, the return of Parliament and the next Speaker of the House.


Dec 2, 2015

On the Show:

Steven MacKinnon, Guy Caron, Mostafa Askari, Ghislain Picard, Adam Radwanski, Heather Scoffield, Matt Gurney

Liberal MP Steven MacKinnon and NDP MP Guy Caron debate whether or not childcare for the Prime Minister's three children should be paid for by the taxpayer as news gets out that the Trudeaus have hired not one, but two nannies.

Assistant Parliamentary Budget Officer Mostafa Askari explains why his office believes the federal government is headed towards structural deficits.

Assembly of First Nations regional chief for Quebec and Labrador Ghislain Picard discusses Quebec, separatism, Pierre Karl Peladeau and First Nations politics.

The War Room with journalists Matt Gurney of National Post Radio, Adam Radwanski of the Globe and Mail and Ottawa Bureau Chief for the Canadian Press Heather Scoffield talk nannies and the perks of being Prime Minister.

Dec 1, 2015

On the Show:

Peter Schiefke, Ed Fast, James McLeod, Scott Vaughan, David McLaughlin, Sheila Copps, Geoff Norquay, Jen Hassum

MPs Peter Schiefke and Ed Fast debate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's climate change commitments and how billions of dollars will result in hard results on combating emissions.

Political reporter with The Telegram in St. John's, Newfoundland discusses the provincial election and Liberal sweep of provincial politics. 

Former Environmental Commissioner Scott Vaughan and former head of Canada's roundtable on the environment David McLaughlin discuss Canada's goals at COP21 and what the best case scenario would look like.

In the War Room, former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps, Geoff Norquay of Earnscliffe Strategy Group and Jen Hassum of the United Steelworkers debate the Liberals' climate change action plan and the Liberal honeymoon.

Nov 28, 2015

On the Show:

Peter Schiefke, Ed Fast, Nathan Cullen, Michael Gorman, Tima Kurdi, David Akin, Michele Austin, Marit Stiles, Alex Lanthier

MPs Peter Schiefke (LPC), Ed Fast (CPC), and Nathan Cullen (NDP) debate $2.65 billion Prime Minister Trudeau announced for climate change mitigation programs in developing countries. But how much is new money and what will the funding go towards.

Chronicle Herald reporter Michael Gorman explains the scandal that's ripped through Nova Scotia politics.

Alan Kurdi's aunt, Tima Kurdi, talks about her family's tragedy and the new chapter they hope to start as her bother and his five children plan to immigrate as privately sponsored refugees to Vancouver.

The War Room with Summa Strategies' Michele Austin and Alex Lanthier and Marit Stiles of Story-Stiles Communications are joined by Sun Media's David Akin to talk Trudeau's first global tour, refugees and climate change funding.

Nov 27, 2015

On the Show:

Michelle Rempel, Marco Mendicino, Jenny Kwan, Elizabeth May, Jason Lietaer, Bob Richardson, Tom Parkin

Liberal MP Marco Mendicino, NDP MP Kenny Kwan and Conservative MP Michelle Rempel debate the politics of selecting Syrian refugees for resettlement in Canada.

Elizabeth May sheds light on what she thinks needs to be done in Paris to combat climate change.

The War Room with Bob Richardson of Edelman, Jason Lietaer of Ensight and Tom Parkin, national columnist for Sun Media discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's position on the Russian/Syrian tensions, refugees and the combat mission in Iraq and Syria.


Nov 26, 2015

On the Show:

Janice Stein, Bassma Momani, Dalton McGuinty, Ujjal Dosanjh, Jody Mitic

Janice Stein and Bassma Momani discuss Trudeau's foreign policy decisions in the wake of the Paris attacks and rising tensions between Russia and Turkey.

Part II of Evan Solomon's interview with former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty on leadership, climate change and politics.

Former B.C. premier Ujjal Dosanjh discusses his spat with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne over the federal government's Syrian refugee resettlement plan.

Ottawa city councillor and Canadian Forces veteran Jody Mitic talks about his new book "Unflinching - The Making of a Canadian Sniper," the landmine accident in Afghanistan that led him to lose both his feet and Trudeau's plan to pull out of the combat mission in Iraq and Syria.

Nov 25, 2015

On the Show: 

John McCallum, Bonnie Crombie, Dalton McGuinty, Selçuk Ünal

Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Minister John McCallum explains why the Liberals have pushed back the deadline for resettling 25,000 Syrian refugees, now committing to bring 10,000 by Dec. 31 and another 15,000 by the end of February.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie says her city is willing and able to host Syrians arriving to Canada over the coming weeks.

Former Liberal Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty talks leadership, climate change, politics and his new book "Making a Difference" in part I of a two-part conversation with Evan Solomon.

Turkish Ambassador to Canada Selçuk Ünal says the Russians were given 10 warnings in five minutes before the Turkish airforce shot down a Russian jet over the Turkey-Syria border.

Nov 24, 2015

On the Show:

Howard Drake, Dalton McGuinty, Thomas Mulcair, David Suzuki

British High Commissioner to Canada Howard Drake says the United Kingdom is happy to see in a change in government in Canada to a prime minister who will take leadership and action on the world stage on climate change.

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair says he takes full responsibility for his party's election loss but he will stay on as leader.

Environmental activist David Suzuki compares Canada's oil sands industry to slavery and says he and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are still on good terms after Suzuki called Trudeau a "twerp."


Nov 21, 2015

On the Show:

Greg Fergus, Lisa Raitt, Guy Caron, Shachi Kurl, Justin Ling, Heather Scoffield

Liberal MP for Hull-Alymer, Que. Greg Fergus, Conservative finance critic for Milton, Ont. Lisa Raitt and NDP finance critic for Rimouski-Neigette, Que. Guy Caron debate the best way forward for Canada's economy to weather low oil prices and a global economic downturn.

Angus Reid Institute senior vice-president Shachi Kurl explains the latest polls showing more than half of all Canadians disagree with Justin Trudeau's plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

Vice News reporter Justin Ling and Canadian Press Ottawa bureau chief Heather Scoffield join host Evan Solomon to talk about the cost of bringing Syrian refugees to Canada, the hostage taking in Mali and the newly announced Conservative shadow cabinet.

Nov 20, 2015

On the Show:

Imam Syed Soharwardy, Mohamed El Rashidy, Rabia Khedr, Erin O'Toole, John Geddes, Kristy Kirkup

In our one-hour special on the impact of the Paris attacks on Canadian Muslims host Evan Solomon speaks to lawyer and activist Mohamed El Rashidy, spokesperson for the Federation of Muslim Women Rabia Khedr and Imam Syed Soharwardy of the Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly. 

Conservative MP Erin O'Toole discusses his party's position on the combat mission against ISIS, the best way to fight terrorism and what he makes of the discussion around Syrian refugees in the United States and Canada.

Maclean's Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes and Kristy Kirkup of the Canadian Press explain how the Paris and Beirut attacks are shaping Canada' security and refugee policies and opposition to Justin Trudeau's positions. 

Nov 19, 2015

On the Show:

Brad Wall, David Frum. David Akin, Steve Day, Steven Staples

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he regrets that his message to Justin Trudeau regarding the plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by Jan. 1 was misunderstood. He says he is not opposed to bringing refugees into Canada and his province is preparing, but that he wishes there wasn't a firm deadline.

Senior editor of the Atlantic David Frum calls for the U.S. to "halt and repatriate the Middle Eastern mass migration of the past two years." He talks about the terror threat from ISIS and the impact of that on the American and Canadian response to refugees.

Sun Media parliamentary bureau chief David Akin checks in from the Prime Minister's trip to Manila on everything from the terror attacks to Justin Trudeau's hair.

Former commander of the Canadian special forces Steve Day debates founder and vice-president of the Rideau Institute Steven Staples on Justin Trudeau's response to the ISIS threat, pulling Canadian jets out of the combat mission in Iraq and Syria and the role of training Iraqi soldiers and diplomacy.

Nov 18, 2015

On the Show:

Michelle Rempel, Randall Garrison, Marco Mendicino, Craig Forcese, Kent Roach, Tom Parkin, Supriya Dwivedi, Jason Lietaer

Liberal MP Marco Mendicino, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel and NDP MP Randall Garrison debate Justin Trudeau's plan to focus on training Iraqi soldiers, while pulling Canada's CF-18 jets out of the combat mission in Iraq and Syria. And in the wake of the Paris and Beirut attacks, the MPs debate the best approach to accepting Syrian refugees.

Craig Forcese and Kent Roach discuss their new book "False Security, The Radicalization Of Canadian Anti-Terrorism" with Evan Solomon. What does Trudeau have planned for Bill C-51?

The War Room with Sun Media Columnist Tom Parkin, Ensight's Jason Lietaer and Supriya Dwivedi of Crestview Strategies talk security and refugees in light of U.S. politicians calling for a ban on Syrian Muslim refugees entering the U.S.

Nov 17, 2015

On the Show:

Jane Philpott, Lisa Helps, Sheila Copps, Geoff Norquay, Sally Housser

Health Minister Jane Philpott, who chairs the Ad Hoc Committee on Refugees, says the Liberal government will follow through on its commitment to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada before Jan. 1, and will do so with diligence in wake of the Paris terror attacks.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps says British Columbia is expecting to take in 3,000 Syrian refugees, but she is still waiting for more information from the federal government about when and how.

The War Room panel with Geoff Norquay of Earnscliffe Strategy Group, Sally Housser of Novigator and former Liberal MP and deputy prime minister Sheila Copps debate Trudeau's next challenges in the wake of growing security concerns and a looming deadline on the refugee file.

Nov 14, 2015

On the Show:

Tony Clement, Steve Day, Christian Leuprecht, Norman Spector, Tomáš Hach

For five hours Paris was under siege from terrorist attacks. Everything is Political did a one-hour special on these tragic events.

Nov 13, 2015

On the Show:

David Akin, Kristy Kirkup, Kevin Page, Nathan Cullen

The new Liberal government is developing plans to fly 1,000 Syrian refugees a day out of Amman, Jordan, according to a planning document obtained by SiriusXM’s Everything is Political. Sun Media Parliamentary bureau chief David Akin and CP's Kristy Kirkup discuss the details with Evan Solomon, as well as Trudeau's plan to bring an anti-austerity message to the world stage.

Former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page talks about his new book "Unaccountable: Truth and Lies on Parliament Hill" and the government secrecy under the Harper Conservatives.

NDP MP and environment critic Nathan Cullen says Tom Mulcair is still the man to lead the NDP despite the party's crushing loss in the federal election, plus he discusses his expectations for the Paris climate conference coming up at the end of the month as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces his plans to meet with premiers and climate experts Nov. 23.


Nov 12, 2015

On the Show:

Kent Hehr, Yael Berger, Rakesh Jetly, Bob Richardson, Jason Lietaer

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr says he promises to end lump sum disability payments to veterans in favour of a pension system.

Yael Berger and Evan Solomon describe the veterans they met and spoke with at the National War Memorial. 

Col. Dr. Rakesh Jetly, the Canadian Forces' senior psychiatrist and mental health advisor to the Surgeon General, says the rates of depression, PTSD and suicide among Canada's veterans are on the rise.

The War Room with Bob Richardson and Jason Lietaer discuss the politics of the day, including a Liberal party email soliciting support for veterans and data mining for donors and the politics of research money donated by General Dynamics to fund PTSD treatments.

Nov 11, 2015

On the Show:

John McCallum, Mostafa Askari, Geoff Norquay, Susan Smith, Jen Hassum

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum says 25,000 Syrian refugees will be brought to Canada from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey by Jan. 1, 2016, but that's only the lower limit. He says he hopes more refugees will be settled in Canada through private sponsorship as well, but how, and how much it will cost is still unanswered.

Assistant Parliamentary Budget Officer Mostafa Askari says it will be very difficult for Justin Trudeau's Liberals to balance the budget by 2019 as promised in their election platform with the new figures coming out of the PBO, which show GDP levels down $20 billion a year caused by low oil prices and weak manufacturing.

In the War Room, Geoff Norquay of Earnscliffe Strategy Group, Susan Smith of Bluesky Strategy Group and Jen Hassum of the United Steelworkers debate the dumping of 8 billion litres of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, the PBO report, a Bombardier bailout and more.

Nov 10, 2015

On the Show:

James Moore, Debi Daviau Jeremy Kinsman 

Former Conservative cabinet minister James Moore says it would be naive to think U.S. President Barack Obama's decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline was just about Canadian environmental policy and not domestic politics in the U.S. regarding Obama's re-election and relationship with the Republican-led Congress.

Debi Daviau, president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, the union representing federal scientists, alleges federal scientists were told by the Conservative government under Stephen Harper to alter their work and findings to suit the government's agenda. She says Canadians missed out on information about climate change and food safety because of the muzzling of scientists.

Former Canadian ambassador to Russia Jeremy Kinsman says he doesn't think Russian athletes will be kept out of the Rio Olympics because of doping allegations and says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to foster a strategic relationship with Russia.

Nov 6, 2015

On the Show:

Peter Harris, Tony Clement, Jean-Yves Duclos, David Akin, Supriya Dwivedi, Michele Austin, Rebecca Blaikie

Conservative MP and former industry minister who scrapped the mandatory long-form census Tony Cement says he takes responsibility for mistakes the Conservatives made in not going far enough and not doing enough of a review.

New Liberal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development says scrapping the mandatory long-form census did damage to ethnic, visible and linguistic minorities.

Sun Media parliamentary bureau chief David Akin joins the War Room with Supriya Dwivedi of Crestview Strategies, Michele Austin of Summa Strategies and NDP president Rebecca Blaikie to debate the new CPC interim leader Rona Ambrose and the future of the NDP leadership.

Nov 5, 2015

On the Show:

Jane Philpott, Rafael Barak, Peter Harris, David Akin, Heather Scoffield

Newly sworn in Health Minister and Liberal MP Jane Philpott says she can't comment on when a deal on a new health accord with the provinces will come, but she is committed to meeting with her provincial counterparts in the near future and expects to consult with the justice minister on legalizing pot.

With Justin Trudeau sworn in as the new Prime Minister and new Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion taking his portfolio in cabinet, Israeli Ambassador to Canada Rafael Barak says he expects Canada's friendly relations with Israel to continue, despite Trudeau's promises to end Canada's combat mission in Iraq and Syria against ISIS, cancel the F-35s and restore relations with Iran.

Sun Media's parliamentary bureau chief David Akin and Canadian Press Ottawa bureau chief Heather Scoffield discuss Trudeau's new cabinet, the choices and the challenges for the 30 new ministers.

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