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Mar 31, 2016

On the Show:

Tasha Kheiriddin, Mark Towey, Joe Oliver, Brian Jean, Kamran Bokhari, Geoff Norquay, Bob Richardson

Mark Towey remembers Rob Ford on the day of his funeral in Toronto. He says the tribute to Ford was amazing and drew so many people around the city.

Former Conservative cabinet minister Joe Oliver talks about Rob Ford's legacy, political culture in Canada and Justin Trudeau's first federal budget.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean says the Liberal EI plan has decided to arbitrarily exclude some of the hardest hit regions in Alberta and that building pipelines would be the best way to help Alberta.

Kamran Bokhari says on the threat of ISIS or other terrorists getting a hold of nuclear weapons that by and large it's very difficult for non-state actors to get access to them. As Justin Trudeau heads to Washington for the Nuclear Security Summit, Bokhari says Canada has traditionally punched below its weight on this issue.

The War Room with Geoff Norquay and Bob Richardson weigh in on Rob Ford's legacy, political fundraising and the death of Jean Lapierre. 

Mar 31, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, Ujjal Dosanjh, John Gerretsen Steve Saideman, Branka Marijan, Scott Reid, Kent Hehr

Ujjal Dosanjh remembers former cabinet colleague and friend Jean Lapierre who died in a tragic plane crash on the way to his father’s funeral. Dosanjh says Lapierre loved Quebec, Canada and politics.

Former Ontario Liberal MPP John Gerretsen says private money needs to be removed from politics in light of expensive private political fundraisers as much as possible and that Jean Chrétien had the right idea by providing more public funding for election campaigns and the party apparatus.

Steve Saideman and Branka Marjian debate whether Canada should go ahead with the sale of armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

Scott Reid, who worked with Jean Lapierre, reacts to news of his death.

Veterans Affairs Minister and MP from Calgary Kent Hehr says EI reforms in 12 cities across Canada is a step in the right direction as people are struggling economically and to find jobs.

Mar 29, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, Ralph Goodale, Erin O'Toole, Michel Picard, Scott Shane, Laura Payton, Vassy Kapelos

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Canada needs a national approach to anti-radicalization to learn how to intervene in potential attacks at home and says other countries are ahead of Canada on their efforts. 

MPs Erin O'Toole and Michel Picard debate new funds for public safety and security and whether enough new money is being channeled to RCMP and security agencies.

New York Times national security reporter and Author of "Objective Troy" Scott Shane talks about online radicalization and terrorism. Shane says governments are not seen as credible voices to counter radicalization messages from Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The War Room with Laura Payton and Vassy Kapelos weigh in on the Ghomeshi trial and Rob Ford's legacy and the media coverage of the former Toronto mayor.


Mar 25, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, Raoul Delcorde, Michelle Rempel, Tracey Ramsey, Karina Gould, Mike Lake, Elaine McCoy

Begian Ambassador to Canada Raoul Delcorde says the politics around security in Belgium isn't perfect and "maybe somewhere there was negligence" in how politicians measured the threat of terrorism.

MPs Michelle Rempel, Tracey Ramsey and Karina Gould agree more needs to be done to support survivors of sexual abuse in light of the verdict in Jian Ghomeshi's trial.

Conservative MP Mike Lake, whose 20-year-old son Jayden has autism, says his son may be non-verbal, but he connects with people better than most do, and there's an authenticity about him.

Independent Senator Elaine McCoy, who appointed facilitator of the Senate non-partisan working group says the Senate isn't there to compete with the House of Commons, but rather as a litmus test for Canadians, but it can't be a litmus if the House is telling senators what to do.

Mar 24, 2016

On the Show:

Tasha Kheiriddin, Steve MacKinnon, Phil McColeman, Nathan Cullen, Christian Leuprecht, Krista Leben, Tom Valk, Jason Lietaer, Lindsay Maskell, Tom Parkin

MPs Steve MacKinnon, Phil McColeman and Nathan Cullen remember Jim Hillyer who died at 41 and debate the budget.

Christian Leuprecht, Professor of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada and Senior Fellow at the Macdonald Laurier Institute says authorities can only hold a terror suspect for 24 hours in Belgium and are struggling with available tools. He also says authorities underestimated the threat of terrorism in Brussels.

Tom Velk, director of North American studies at Mcgill University, and Krista Leben
recording secretary with Democrats Abroad Canada, debate the US primaries and how the tone of debate has changed since the attacks in Brussels.

The War Room with Jason Lietaer, Lindsay Maskell and Tom Parkin weigh in on the budget and remembering Jim Hillyer.


Mar 23, 2016

On the Show:

Tasha Kheiriddin, Francois P. Champagne, Phil McColeman, Matt Dube, Adrienne Batra, Sim Tack, Andrea Mrozek, Chris Simpson, Perry Bellegarde

MPs Francois P. Champagne, Phil McColeman and Matt Dube debate the 2016 federal budget and the $29.4-billion deficit for 2016-17.

Sim Tack of Stratfor talks about the Brussels attacks today and what they mean for security in Europe and globally.

Toronto Sun Editor in Chief Adrienne Batra remembers Rob Ford who died of cancer today and talks about his political legacy.

Andrea Mrozek, program director of Cardus Family, discusses the goodies in the federal budget for families and says the federal government shouldn't pay for childcare but should let parents decide how best to spend the money.

Dr. Chris Simpson, past president of the Canadian Medical Association, talks about what's in the federal budget for new spending on health.

Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde says this is an historical federal budget for First Nations funding and a good first step from the Liberal government on making good on its commitment to rebuild the nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Canadians. 

Mar 22, 2016

On the Show:

Tasha Kheiriddin, Steve MacKinnon, Guy Caron, Lisa Raitt, Sophie Harkat, David Akin, Richard Mahoney, Geoff Norquay, Sally Housser

MPs Steve MacKinnon, Guy Caron and Lisa Raitt debate the size of the deficit and how the Liberal government can best stimulate growth in the economy.

Sophie Harkat, wife of Mohamed Harkat who was detained in 2002 on a security certificate for having alleged links to Al Qaeda, has never had a trial and may face deportation, says she agrees with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the government has to balance security and rights but "that's what the criminal code is for," she says.

Sun Media Parliamentary Bureau Chief David Akin explains what the findings of special arbitrator Justice Ian Binnie's report were today on 14 senators' expenses. While Binnie found the senators should have to pay back less of the expenses than the Auditor General found through his audit, Binnie says he has no way "exonerated" the 14 senators in his report.

The War Room with Richard Mahoney, Geoff Norquay and Sally Housser weigh in on budget speculation, the Binnie Report and U.S. President Barack Obama's first historic visit to Cuba. 


Mar 19, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, Peter Harder, Marco Mendicino, Blake Richards, Erin Weir, Shachi Kurl, Tasha Kheiriddin, Bob Richardson, Gerry Nicholls, Andrew Thomson

Newly appointed Government Representative in the Senate Peter Harder talks about why he took the job as a senator and how having refugee parents and being a Parliamentary intern instilled in him a sense of public duty.

MPs Marco Mendicino, Blake Richards and Erin Weir debate senate reform and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's seven new pick to sit in the Upper Chamber.

Angus Reid Institute executive director Shachi Kurl says Canadians views on security and privacy haven't changed much since the election, and that Canadians mostly like Bill C-51 and the changes the Liberals proposed to the legislation.

Political columnist and commentator Tasha Kheiriddin explains the charges laid in Quebec on corruption and fraud.

The War Room with Bob Richardson, Gerry Nicholls and Andrew Thomson debate the seven new Senate picks and what to expect when you're expecting a budget.


Mar 18, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, Marco Mendicino, Tony Clement, Jeremy Kinsman, Micah White, Margaret Wente, Jenn Jefferys


MPs Marco Mendicino and Tony Clement weigh in on the $15-billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada won’t revisit the deal despite human rights abuses because it would be wrong to break a contract signed by the previous government.


Former ambassador to Canada Jeremy Kinsman explains the significance of Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing Russia will withdraw troops from Syria.


Co-creater of the Occupy Wall Street movement Micah White discusses the power of protest and explains where the occupy movement went wrong.


Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente and Hill Times columnist Jenn Jefferys debate Justin Trudeau’s feminism and whether it is helpful to the advancement of gender equality.


Mar 17, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon,

David Wilkins, Paul Ritchie, Helene Laverdiere, Peter Kent, Adam Vaughan, Will Stewart, Sally Housser, Bob Richardson

David Wilkins, former U.S. Ambassador to Canada explains the state of the GOP race as Donald Trump moves closer to taking the nomination, but if he takes it, will the party give it to him?

Openly gay former naval officer Paul Ritchie says he's driven to bring out the truth at his federal court appearance this week after he says he was "embarrassed, humiliated and harassed" by the Canadian Forces. 

MPs Helene Laverdiere, Peter Kent and Adam Vaughan debate the politics of Canada playing a more active role at the United Nations by bidding for a seat at the UN Security Council in the coming years. 

The War Room with Will Stewart, Bob Richardson and Sally Housser weigh in on what Canada can gain from re-engaging with the United Nations. 

Mar 16, 2016

On the Show: 

Arlene Bynon, Michel Picard, Erin O'Toole, Michael Taube, Adam Ranwanski, Jason Lietaer, Marlene Floyd, Rebecca Blaikie

MPs Michel Picard and Erin O'Toole debate whether the attack in Toronto on military personnel is being politicized.

Political columnist Michael Taube explains what's at stake tonight in the primaries for Donald Trump and America.

Globe and Mail writer Adam Ranwanski says Ohio will be a key state for Trump and that registered Democratic voters may vote in the Republican primaries in Ohio to try to get rid of Trump.

The War Room with Jason Lietaer, Marlene Floyd and Rebecca Blaikie weigh in on Trump and terrorism.

Mar 15, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, Selcuk Unal, Grand Chief Serge Otsi Simon, Demetrius Minor, Michele Austin, Bob Richardson, Sally Housser

Turkish Ambassador Selcuk Unal says Turkey will wait and see what Syria peace talks in Geneva produce and whether Russia will pull out all its resources from Syria and whether bombings of civilians will cease.

Grand Chief Serge "Otsi" Simon of the Mohawk of Kanesatake says if the Canadian government won't follow the law with regards to pipelines on First Nations land, then maybe First Nations shouldn't follow the laws either. He says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn't consulted enough with First Nations along the pipeline and that the National Energy Board is stacked in the energy industry's favour. 

Conservative U.S. commentator, blogger and minister Demetrius Minor says he can't support the GOP if Donald trump is a member. He says the Republican Party should have denounced Trump a long time ago but has instead enabled Trump to have a pulpit for racist speech and provoking violence.

The War Room with Michele Austin, Bob Richardson and Sally Housser debate two parties at a crossroads, the NDP and the Conservative Party of Canada. How will the two parties stay relevant in Justin Trudeau's Canada?

Mar 13, 2016

On the Show:

Tasha Khieriddin, Jonathan Wilkinson, Michael Chong, Nathan Cullen, Mike Van Soelen, Corey Hogan, Lucian Matis, Jason Lietaer, Lindsay Doyle

MPs Jonathan Wilkinson, Michael Chong and Nathan Cullen debate what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau really accomplished on the climate change file while meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.

Strategists Mike Van Soelen and Corey Hogan weigh in on whether Justin Trudeau is the new liberal progressive voice for hope and change now that Barack Obama is on his way out of office. 

Toronto fashion designer Lucian Matis discusses what it's like to dress Sophie Gregoire Trudeau for the State Dinner and the "substance of style."

The War Room with Jason Lietaer and Lindsay Doyle talk about the Conservative leadership rules and the legacy of Nancy Reagan.


Mar 11, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, David Lametti, Peter Kent, Tracey Ramsey, Bob Richardson, Geoff Norquay, Angela Zhu, John Wallace, Pierrette Ringuette, Howard Sapers

MPs David Lametti, Peter Kent and Tracey Ramsey debate Prime Minister Trudeau's visit to Washington and whether or not it will result in more than a bromance, but actual progress on policy files.

The War Room with Bob Richardson, Geoff Norquay and Angela Zhu weigh in on the state dinner and give their views on whether Trudeau's popularity in the U.S. is good for Canada or all style and no substance.

Independent Senators John Wallace and Pierrette Ringuette explain how they're trying to reform the Senate from the inside along with other like-minded senators who have formed a working group. But how will they actually rebuild public confidence in the Upper Chamber?

Correctional Investigator Howards Sapers says there is structural discrimination in the correctional system that is negatively affecting Indigenous inmates that needs to be addressed. 

Mar 10, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, Colin Robertson, Will Dubreuil, Nik Nanos, Adrian Lee, Brian Masse

Colin Robertson, former diplomat and strategic advisor at Mckenna, Long, Aldridge LLP says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not just a leader, but seen as somewhat of a celebrity, and we can play that celebrity status to our advantage.

Will Dubreuil, director of public affairs at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, says Trudeau's visit to the U.S. is a huge honour and signifies a new era in Canada-U.S. relations.

Nik Nanos, chair of Nanos Research, says if the opposition wants to bring down Prime Minister Justin Trudeau it's not enough to attack him, they've got to hope he makes a mistake himself.

Adrian Lee, digital editor at Maclean's Magazine, says it doesn't matter why Americans tune in to Canada — for the fashion or the Trudeaus' good looks — it's good for Canadians. 

NDP MP for Windsor West Brian Masse, vice-chair  of the Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group, says he hopes Trudeau will raise the bridge with President Obama and that progress will be made on the important border crossing soon.

Mar 9, 2016

On the Show: 

Arlene Bynon, David Harris, Yael Berger, Wab Kinew, Darrell Bricker, Jason Lietaer, Max Rubin, Tom Parkin

David Harris, former CSIS advisor and terrorism expert helps explain what the threat of terrorism means for Canada and how our changing immigration policy in Canada might affect that threat.

Manitoba NDP candidate Wab Kinew talks about how why he’s had to apologize for misogynist and derogatory lyrics and what his message to other men in his community is now.

Ipsos Public Affairs CEO and pollster Darrell Bricker tells us why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is polling so high ahead of his state dinner in Washington.

And the War Room weighs in on the hot topics today from Justin Trudeau's popularity to Canada's anti-ISIS mission.

Mar 8, 2016

On the Show: Arlene Bynon, Andrew Cumming, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Peter Kent, Randall Garrison, Geoff Norquay, Marlene Floyd, Angela Zhu

The tainted blood scandal that left tens of thousands of Canadians infected with HIV and Hepatitis C rears its ugly head again as a private plasma clinic opens in Saskatchewan. A victim of tainted blood, Andrew Cumming tells his story and shares his message to Health Minister Jane Philpott.

The MPs panel takes on foreign policy as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does a town hall today with Huffington Post Canada’s Althia Raj on foreign policy. MPs Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Peter Kent and Randall Garrison debate the issues.

We head into the War Room to debate Canada-U.S. relations, Trudeaumania 2.0 ahead of the state dinner in Washington, what can stop Donald Trump, and how much is too much when it comes to lobbying and politics? 

Mar 5, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, David Wilkins, Richard Shekter, Rosemary Sullivan, Ginny Movat, Marit Stiles, Bob Richardson

The state dinner is next week in Washington and Prime Minister Trudeau and President Obama will talk about a continental climate change strategy, while in Canada, premiers had difficulty coming up with a national plan for carbon pricing.

Then we talk to Canadian criminal lawyer Richard Shekter, who followed the O.J. Simpson trial closely and can help explain what these new developments mean for the case that grabbed our attention in 1995 as the tv series American Crime Story released it’s episode “The People v. O.J. Simpson” last month.

And joining us in studio, author Rosemary Sullivan, who is nominated for the RBC Charles Taylor Prize in literary non-fiction for her book “Stalin’s Daughter” will discuss what it means to be the daughter of someone the world deems truly evil.

And then the Friday War Room will weigh in on the latest news from Prime Minister Trudeau’s upcoming state dinner in Washington and the latest GOP debate in which things get a little too personal

Mar 4, 2016

On the Show:

Arlene Bynon, Marco Mendicino, Candice Bergen, Sabrina Siddiqui, Max Rubin, Kate Harrison, Sally Housser

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the premiers announce in Vancouver today the Vancouver Declaration, a framework to address climate change and a plan to introduce carbon pricing before next fall. MPs Marco Mendicino and Candice Bergen respond to the announcement.

Sabrina Siddiqui of the Guardian U.S. explains what impact Mitt Romney's speech about Donald Trump today will or won't have on the Republican race.

The War Room with Max Rubin, Kate Harrison and Sally Housser weigh in on the Republican race and the Vancouver Declaration.

Mar 3, 2016

On the Show: 

Yael Berger, David Frum, Jonathan Wilkinson, Ed Fast, Nathan Cullen, Geoff Norquay, Colin MacDonald, Alex Bushell

Senior Editor of the Atlantic David Frum gives his winners and losers of Super Tuesday and looks ahead to what's to come in the U.S. race to the White House.

MPs Jonathan Wilkinson, Ed Fast and Nathan Cullen, who are all in British Columbia today, talk about how Canada can find consensus on climate change this week amidst fighting between the premiers ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit to Washington on March 10.

The War Room with Geoff Norquay, Colin MacDonald and Alex Bushell weigh in on Justin Trudeau's brother sending a letter to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on behalf of Mohamed Harkat and the results from Super Tuesday.


Mar 2, 2016

On the Show:

Yael Berger, Liz Chadderdon, Warren Kinsella, Irwin Cotler, Karine Peloffy, Jason Lietaer, Tom Parkin, Richard Mahoney

We get into what’s at stake for both the Republican and Democratic candidates on Super Tuesday and we’ll look ahead at what’s next in the race to the White House with our panelists Liz Chadderdon and Warren Kinsella.

Former Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler will join me to explain why he thinks the Liberals need to take a second look at the $15-billion sale of armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

Karine Peloffy, a lawyer working with Quebec environmental groups who have filed an injunction against Energy East, explains how this move today by the province of Quebec will impact their case.

The War Room debates Donald Trump and what’s at stake for America tonight on Super Tuesday with panelists Jason Lietaer, Tom Parkin and Richard Mahoney. And right here in Canada, political leaders are dealing with a schism in the country of East versus West; environment versus economy.


Mar 1, 2016

On the Show:

Yael Berger, Kevin O'Leary, Art Eggleton, David Graham, Bob Richardson, Will Stewart, Andrew Thomson

Kevin O'Leary discusses his experience attending and speaking at the Manning Conference and responds to remarks by Conservative MP for Beauce Maxime Bernier calling him a "tourist" to Quebec by saying Bernier must be a separatist.

Ontario Senator Art Eggleton explains why he believes the time is right for the federal government to take a page out of the Ontario Liberals' budget book and explore the idea of a basic income for Canadians by launching a pilot project. Eggleton says with a four-year majority mandate, the Liberals will have a better chance of seeing the project through than previous attempts made in the 1970s.

Staff writer for the Atlantic David Graham checks in from Durham, North Carolina for a look ahead to Super Tuesday and the U.S. election race. Is Donald Trump unstoppable? 

The War Room with Bob Richardson, Will Stewart and Andrew Thomson weigh in on the Manning Conference and all agree that Kevin O'Leary is wrong about Maxime Bernier being a separatist.