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SiriusXM’s Everything Is Political: Campaign 2015 with Evan Solomon follows every aspect of Canada’s federal election campaign. The show premieres Thursday, August 6 from 6 pm to 7 pm (EDT) on SiriusXM’s Canada Talks, channel 167
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Dec 18, 2015

On the Show:

Kathleen Wynne, Peter Tabuns, Carolyn Bennet, Michael Cooper, Michele Austin, Will Stewart, Tom Parkin

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne distances herself from the political aides charged with breach of trust, mischief and improper use of government computers saying "they never worked for me."

Ontario NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns said he hopes more details of the gas plant scandal come out in the trial beginning in the new year.

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett describes the challenges that lie ahead and also her hopes for repairing the relationship between the federal government and Indigenous peoples. 

Conservative MP Michael Cooper discusses his call for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take action to help Alison Azer be reunited with her children who were taken to Northern Kurdistan in August by her ex-husband.

The War Room with Michele Austin of Summa Strategies, Will Stewart of Ensight and Tom Parkin, national columnist with Sun Media debate who leaders of the opposition parties will be this time next year.

Dec 17, 2015

On the Show:

Paul Martin, Jane Philpott, Nick Köhler, Jason Lietaer, Bob Richardson, Marit Stiles

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin, who negotiated the Kelowna Accord and now works to improve education for First Nations youth, says Aboriginal Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett is ready to bring change for Indigenous Canadians and that change may come sooner than people might expect.

Health Minister Jane Philpott says the government still hopes to bring all 10,000 Syrian refugees to Canada as promised before the end of the year, but there have been bumps in the road.

Nick Köhler of Maclean's recounts highlights from Mike Duffy's cross-examination by the Crown, including stories Duffy told of Stephen Harper eating hotdogs in his under shirt whole his staff ironed his shirt.

The War Room with Jason Lietaer of Ensight, Marit Stiles of Story-Stiles Communication and Bob Richardson of Edelman Canada give their top three challenges facing Justin Trudeau in 2016.

Dec 16, 2015

On the Show:

Murray Sinclair, Jim Watson, Catherine McKenna, Will Stewart, Supriya Dwivedi

After six years, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has published its final report.
It rips off the blinders the country has on residential schools and it’s a shocking series of revelations—systematic neglect, abuse, death—all well known by and supported by the political leadership. Commission chairman Justice Murray Sinclair gives the details.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says he's optimistic about his relationship with the new Liberal federal government because trying to get a meeting with the previous Conservative government was like "pulling teeth," he says.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, who just returned from Paris with a climate change agreement in hand, says the targets set there are the floor, not the ceiling.

In the War Room, Will Stewart of Ensight and Supriya Dwivedi of Crestview Strategy give their top three issues to watch for in 2016.

Dec 15, 2015

On the Show:

Nick Khöler, Jonathan Wilkinson, Ed Fast, Patrick Bonin, Geoff Norquay, Susan Smith, Tom Parkin

Maclean's reporter Nick Khöler brings the latest from the Mike Duffy trial on Duffy's payments to outside consultants and even details about the hairdresser who gave Peter Mansbridge his 'do.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Jonathan Wilkinson and Conservative environment critic Ed Fast debate how the Liberals will follow through on the ambitious goals set out at the Paris climate talks.

Patrick Bonin, a Greenpeace campaigner says the government will need to walk the walk on cutting emissions not that some lofty goals have been set.

The War Room with Geoff Norquay of Earnscliffe Strategy Group, Susan Smith of Bluesky Strategy Group and national columnist for Sun Media Tom Parkin give each of their top three turning point moments in politics for 2015.


Dec 12, 2015

On the Show:

Harjit Sajjan, James Bezan, Alexandra Kotyk, Stephen Carter, Bob Richardson, Kate Harrison, Tom Parkin

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says there's no timetable for pulling jets and covers many topics including new money in the budget for the military, sexual misconduct in the forces, and Canada’s support for the Afghan police force.

Conservative defence critic James Bezan responds to the defence minister and says he's waiting to see the plan for pulling jets out of the combat mission in Iraq and Syria.

Alexandra Kotyl, Project Director of Lifeline Syria, a resettlement services organization in the GTA, describes the next steps for Syrian refugees arriving in Canada and says even a welcoming smile from Canadians can go a long way.

Stephen Carter, President of QED Marketing Inc., sheds light on the political and personal fall out of Bill 6 in Alberta as MLAs receive death threats.

The War Room with Bob Richardson from Edelman Canada, Kate Harrison from Summa Strategies and Tom Parkin, national columnist at Sun Media debate the 'soft power' of Justin Trudeau and whether he's all style and no substance or a fine balance of both.

Dec 11, 2015

On the Show:

Nick Köhler, Dawn Harvard, Michelle Rempel, Ann Coulter, Alia Hogben

Maclean's reporterNick Köhler on day three of Mike Duffy's testimony on the stand.

President of The Native Women’s Association of Canada Dr. Dawn Harvard talks about the racism faced by Canada's indigenous peoples and why maybe it's time for an #IndigenousLivesMatter movement.

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel on questions she raised in the House of Commons on Syrian refugees and what she and some others thought were sexist comments from John McCallum.

Evan Solomon calls out Ann Coulter for her bigotry and anti-Muslim comments.

Alia Hogben, Executive Director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women addresses the racism and bigotry Donald Trump and Ann Coulter are expressing in the U.S.

Dec 10, 2015

On the Show:

Nick Köhler, Mark Holland, Scott Reid, Alexandre Boulerice, Suzanne Legault, David Frum

Freelance journalist Nick Köhler brings news from Day Two of Mike Duffy's testimony in his trial for fraud, breach of trust and bribery.

MPs Mark Holland, Scott Reid and Alexandre Boulerice debate electoral reform and whether Justin Trudeau needs to call a referendum to have legitimacy for his plans to overhaul and ditch the first-past-the-post system.

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault describes her latest scathing report on the status of access to information in Canada and outlines what her office needs from the Trudeau government to restore the system to what she says it ought to be.

David Frum, editor of The Atlantic magazine, calls Donald Trump a 'flim-flam' man for his views on immigration and Muslims, and explains why he thinks Trump will never win the GOP nomination.

Dec 9, 2015

On the Show:

Tonda MacCharles, Dawn Harvard, Chris Simpson, Rabia Khedr, Mohamed El Rashidy

Tonda MacCharles, parliamentary reporter with the Toronto Star, brings the latest from the Mike Duffy trial as Duffy takes the stand.

Dr. Dawn Harvard, president of the Native Women's Association of Canada, on what she expects from an inquiry into murdered and missing indigenous women and girls.

Dr. Chris Simpson, chair of the Wait Time Alliance, explains why the Canadian government needs to act to reduce wait times as meetings are planned to negotiate a new Health Accord.

And with Donald Trump making headlines again for proposing a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., Rabia Khedr of the Federation of Muslim Women and Mohamed El Rashidy, a human rights and civil liberties activist and lawyer, give their reactions.

Dec 8, 2015

On the Show: 

Bill Morneau, Lisa Raitt, Guy Caron, Althia Raj, Tom Parkin, Michele Austin, Susan Smith

With slow growth, the price of oil hitting a 10-year low of $38 a barrel, a commodity price meltdown, a growing trade deficit and bad job numbers, Finance Minister Bill Morneau is having a hard time balancing the spending promises with the new fiscal reality.

Conservative finance critic Lisa Raitt and NDP finance critic Guy Caron debate how to best tax Canadians and manage the economy through the challenging economic times.

Huffington Post Ottawa Bureau Chief Althia Raj says the Liberals have agenda overload and Canadians expect them to get things done fast.

The War Room with national columnist for Sun Media Tom Parkin, Summa Strategies' Michele Austin and Susan Smith of Bluesky Strategy Group debate tax cuts for the middle class, budgetary deficits, the combat mission in Iraq and Syria and the first Question Period on the House.

Dec 5, 2015

On the Show:

Navdeep Bains, John McKay, Matthew Dubé, James Bezan, Perry Bellegarde, Geoff Norquay, Jean Ong, Max Rubin 

Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains discusses his party's plan to invest in growth and how the Liberal legislative agenda will keep up with very ambitious promises.

Liberal MP John McKay, NDP MP Matthew Dubé and Conservative MP James Bezan debate security and defence issues as Germany joins the mission against ISIS and a link is found between ISIS and the San Bernadino, Calif shooting.

Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde says the Liberals shouldn't rush their consultation processes on First Nations issues, but rather listen to families affected. He says Trudeau should begin the formal inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women around April 1. 

The War Room with Geoff Norquay, Jean Ong, Max Rubin debate the Liberal agenda and the Speech from the Throne.

Dec 4, 2015

On the Show:

Bonnie Lysyk, Patrick Brown, Dominic LeBlanc, Heather Scoffield, Adam Radwanski

Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk explains why Ontarians have been paying 80 per cent more, or $37 billion more, for their electricity over the past eight years than they should have been. 

Patrick Brown, the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader, reacts to the explosive Auditor General's report.

Liberal Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc says his party's plan for democratic reform in the Senate was the best option without opening up the Constitution.

Canadian Press Ottawa Bureau Chief Heather Scoffield and Globe and Mail politics reporter Adam Radwanski get into the challenges and expectations facing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the House resumes sitting and he prepares to deliver his first Speech from the Throne.

Dec 3, 2015

On the Show:

Rona Ambrose, Frank Graves, Sally Housser, Jason Lietaer, Bob Richardson

Conservative Interim leader Rona Ambrose says her focus in the new Parliamentary session will be on the economy and jobs.

EKOS Research president Frank Graves says the Liberal election win was surprising and came down to a values debate over the niqab and refugees.

The War Room with Navigator's Sally Housser, Ensight's Jason Lietaer and Edelman Canada's Bob Richardson debate Trudeau's nannies, the return of Parliament and the next Speaker of the House.


Dec 2, 2015

On the Show:

Steven MacKinnon, Guy Caron, Mostafa Askari, Ghislain Picard, Adam Radwanski, Heather Scoffield, Matt Gurney

Liberal MP Steven MacKinnon and NDP MP Guy Caron debate whether or not childcare for the Prime Minister's three children should be paid for by the taxpayer as news gets out that the Trudeaus have hired not one, but two nannies.

Assistant Parliamentary Budget Officer Mostafa Askari explains why his office believes the federal government is headed towards structural deficits.

Assembly of First Nations regional chief for Quebec and Labrador Ghislain Picard discusses Quebec, separatism, Pierre Karl Peladeau and First Nations politics.

The War Room with journalists Matt Gurney of National Post Radio, Adam Radwanski of the Globe and Mail and Ottawa Bureau Chief for the Canadian Press Heather Scoffield talk nannies and the perks of being Prime Minister.

Dec 1, 2015

On the Show:

Peter Schiefke, Ed Fast, James McLeod, Scott Vaughan, David McLaughlin, Sheila Copps, Geoff Norquay, Jen Hassum

MPs Peter Schiefke and Ed Fast debate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's climate change commitments and how billions of dollars will result in hard results on combating emissions.

Political reporter with The Telegram in St. John's, Newfoundland discusses the provincial election and Liberal sweep of provincial politics. 

Former Environmental Commissioner Scott Vaughan and former head of Canada's roundtable on the environment David McLaughlin discuss Canada's goals at COP21 and what the best case scenario would look like.

In the War Room, former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps, Geoff Norquay of Earnscliffe Strategy Group and Jen Hassum of the United Steelworkers debate the Liberals' climate change action plan and the Liberal honeymoon.